Now is the time to update your voter registration information! Did you know that the Post Office will not forward ballots? If you have moved or your voter information has changed, if you live at a different address for part of the year and would not be present to receive your ballot or vote in person, or if you will be overseas as a citizen or with the military, you will need to change your address or information with the Elections Office to be sure you receive timely mailings.

NVRA process continues!

What is the NVRA process? The National Voter Registration Act, or NVRA, was enacted in 1993. This Act asks voters to confirm if they have moved, to update their registration, and tasks the election administrators with inactivating people who do not respond to confirmation mailings, and to remove those who subsequently fail to vote in two federal general elections. Elections officials within the United States are annually tasked with the responsibility of sending notice to voters who fit these criteria by the state, as well.

Cascade County is continuing this process. The office is sending out the second required NVRA notice. If no response is received back in our office within 30 days, the voter will be inactivated as part of maintaining accurate voter registration lists.

It is critical that, if you receive a notice, that you follow the instructions to fill it out and return it to the Elections Office at PO Box 2305, Great Falls, MT, 59403 to update your registration. This will ensure that you are not removed from the official voter registration list. If your update was received in the Elections office after August 26th you will be receiving the second notice. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to check on your update status; or return your second notice to remain an active voter in the Cascade County voter database.

With a large multi-year NVRA backlog from prior years in our records we will be contacting a high volume of voters and deeply appreciate your cooperation so we may process these as efficiently as possible to be sure our voter registration list is up to date.

Thank you, Cascade County Voters!

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