Leash law

We have had calls about people running their dogs beside their vehicle in town. When they see a dog in a yard, they run into that yard, which is against town code, which we have provided.

PLEASE keep your dog(s) on a leash in town. If they need to run, please go out of town limits to do so, for the safety of our residents and other pets.

8.04.090 Animals Running at Large.

A. It is unlawful for any person who owns, keeps, harbors or maintains a dog, cat, or any other animal authorized to be within the town limits, or the parents or guardians of any such person under eighteen years of age, to allow such animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the town. All animals not confined within an enclosure shall be kept on a leash or tether not more than ten feet long securely fastened or held, or otherwise controlled, so as to prevent the animal from running at large.

B. It is unlawful for an owner or keeper of any animal to permit them to run at large upon any street, alley, avenue, boulevard or public park or to trespass upon the premises of another person within the town; except, that such animals owned and/or maintained by the town in the town parks are exempt from this provision.

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