The Town of Cascade will hold a public hearing on April 14, 2022. The public hearing will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Cascade Town Hall at 9 Front Street North. The Town Council has scheduled the hearing to obtain public comments regarding the proposed improvements to Cascade’s wastewater system. With assistance from Great West Engineering, the town is preparing a wastewater preliminary engineering report (PER) and is preparing applications for funding from the Montana Department of Commerce, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and the Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program.

At the public hearing, representatives of Cascade and Great West Engineering will explain the purpose of the project, the project area, the scope of work, budget, possible sources of funding, and any costs that may result for local citizens because of the project. Great West Engineering will also present its assessment of the project’s impact on the environment. Copies of the draft environmental assessment and PER are available at Town Hall. During the public hearing, residents may ask questions and express their opinions regarding the project and its impact on the Town of Cascade.

Residents can submit comments and questions about the project at any time at or PO Box 314, Cascade, MT 59421. You may also contact Great West Engineering’s Project Manager Collette Anderson, PE at (406) 495-6164 or

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    1. To replace infrastructure all at once would be a necessary expense the community couldn’t afford. We plan replacement in phases to make it affordable. Applying for grants, loans, and using local funds. We do have a Capital Improvement Plan if you would like to stop in and look at it.

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