Seminar on forest and range land reclamation after the Harris Mountain Fire offered in Cascade Contact: Rose Malisani, MSU Cascade County Extension, (406) 454-6980 or MSU Cascade County Extension will host a free seminar on December 16 at the Wedsworth Hall located at 13 Front St S in Cascade focusing on how to reclaim forest and range land after fire and how to prepare for weed control. Speakers include Peter Kolb, PhD, MSU Extension Forestry Specialist; Jane Mangold, PhD, MSU Extension Rangeland Weed Specialist; and Jeff Mosley, PhD, MSU Extension Range Management Specialist. Kolb has been researching fire damage on Montana forests for the past 25 years. Both Mangold and Mosley have also worked extensively with fire damage on weeds and range, respectively. Kolb will present on “Assessing forests after wildfire.” He will talk about how some trees are resistant to low intensity fires while others regenerate really well after high intensity fires. His presentation will provide landowners with information on how to assess forest for fire damage and what kinds of rehabilitation practices will help forests recover. “Managing Weeds after Fire” will be presented by Mangold. Her presentation will discuss how fire affects plant communities, including weeds, based on fire severity and how prevalent weeds were prior to the fire. She will also touch upon how fire suppression activities can lead to an increase in weeds. Fire presents an opportunity to manage weeds, and this will be discussed as well, including weed management through herbicides, biological control, and revegetation. Mosley’s talk is titled “Grazing and Seeding Decisions After Wildfire.” Jeff will discuss how to assess fire impacts to rangeland and forest understory vegetation and evaluate management options for livestock grazing and grass seeding after wildfire. The seminar is free. Registration begins at 12:30 p.m. at the Wedsworth Hall in Cascade with the program beginning at 1:00 p.m. Please call Rose Malisani with MSU Cascade County Extension at (406) 454-6980 with any questions.