Community Needs Response

We have received several of the Community Needs Surveys back. Several from people that have lived here for 0-5 years state that the Town needs improvements and clean-up.

The Mayor and Council work diligently to be constantly updating our community. Several grants are written annually to provide funding for projects. The Town also has a 5+ year Capital Improvement Plan, which lists all of the projects that need to be accomplished. Please see the list below of the projects the Town has completed in the past 20 years. We are proud of how far we’ve come and will continue to work on areas that need improving as funding is available.

Volunteers and donations are always welcome. There are several organizations that can utilize both! Please visit our website at: to find one you may want to help.

In the past 20 years, our water system mains have been completely replaced through four separate phases. We have also added mains, added two water tanks, and changed our spring room and treatment buildings to concrete structures (from wood). We have accomplished this with the assistance of CDBG, TSEP, RRGL and SRF. The Phase II project coordinated with the MDOT when they widened and replaced US Hwy 68, which is the main street through Cascade. The Town was also able to get a GenSet for backup with the Phase II project. In 2020-21, with TSEP and RRGL grants, (2) WRF loans (one forgiven), and local funds, three of the four last areas for looping were complete. A new 250,000-gallon concrete tank (w/updated telemetry systems) was added with this project.

We have replaced several blocks of wastewater mains with local funds. TSEP funds were awarded, with (2) SRF loans (1 forgiven), and local funds to complete more main replacements on the south end of town, do sludge removal at our lagoons, and add backup generators at our lift stations.

The Montana State Library awarded a grant to map the Town’s water, wastewater, storm sewer and trail systems. The town will continue to add to this as projects are completed.

Streets have been repaired and chip-sealed as water and sewer projects are completed. This has been done with grants, gas tax, BaRSAA funding and local funds. In the summer of 2020, all of the Town avenues were repaired and chip sealed. Alleys have been repaired each year (18 blocks in two years), as funding allows. In 2020, 5thStreet North was built between 1st Avenue North and 2nd Avenue North with local funding.

Our former dump site was converted to the North Park Fishing Access site with PPL funds. Restrooms, a boat dock, picnic tables and a parking area were included with this project. Later, with PPL funding, landscape trees and a drip system were added. A covered picnic area and trail around the park, connecting to Joe’s Trail, was installed with grant funding. In 2020, a playground was installed with NW Energy O & M funds (formerly PPL funding). A separate parking area was created for this section of the site with local funds. The town used PPL funds to add electricity/lighting by the pavilion.

We have completed several blocks of new and replacement/repairing sidewalks through Safe Routes to School grants. With a TA grant and local funds in 2019, the sidewalks in our business district were either replaced or added, coordinating with MDOT’s street replacement/widening project. In 2020, with a second TA grant six more blocks of sidewalks were added, and two blocks were replaced/repaired. We are utilizing these opportunities to complete connectivity around the perimeter of Cascade, as well as provide access to the school and businesses. Another TA grant will be submitted to add/repair more sidewalks.

We apply for the Arbor Day grant each year, and receive $750 for trees as a Tree City. DNRC completed a tree inventory for the town, which we are in the process of updating. We have also applied for and been awarded four Program Development grants. We added a tree shelter around one side of our swimming pool and created a shaded ADA picnic area at the Atkinson Park trail head. In 2019, three dead cottonwood trees were removed and replaced on our boulevards, while adding another tree at the trail head. In 2020, a wind row of pine trees was planted at the Madison water system. A grant has been applied for to add more trees at the Madison water system in 2021.

The Town was awarded a Recreational Trails grant and NW Energy grants to add an asphalt trail around Atkinson Park. This trail connected to the Joe’s Trail system that begins in Cascade and continues to Ulm. We hope to do a joint application with Cascade School, connecting to this and continuing to create a 5k trail to hold cross country meets.

A skate park was added at Atkinson Park with grant funding from the Tony Hawk foundation. The Town received a Montana Accessible Playgrounds Program grant and a BNSF grant to install an accessible/inclusive playground in North Railroad Park in 2019. Two pieces of new equipment were purchased with local funds to replace aging playground equipment at Atkinson Park. In 2016, a 3-point basketball court was added at North Railroad Park with local funds. An AARP grant funded an ADA picnic area in North Railroad Park in 2020. A grant is being written to replace aging playground equipment at Atkinson Park.

The Town Council approved a reconstruction project for our swimming pool. This was done primarily with donations and local funds, as well as local grants from Northwest Farm Credit and Town Pump. This project was completed in the summer of 2020. Another grant is being written to complete phase 2.

Wedsworth Hall had an exterior update with DEQ energy efficiency funding in 2010. Canyon Life Church updated the restrooms in 2013. They also updated the kitchen in 2014 with new flooring, paint, and appliances. The Lion’s Club funded a concrete pad addition to hold picnic tables and barbeques at this community hall in 2017. Mayor Moore donated the lights. New doors were installed on the north side as access to this area. The Girl Scout room upstairs was updated with new flooring and paint in 2019 with local funds. In 2020, an addition was built to hold the racks of tables and chairs.

A DNRC grant was awarded to remove abandoned water pipe from the bridge crossing the Missouri River. It also cleaned out abandoned infrastructure from the former lagoons on an island in the Missouri River. Riprap was added at the North Park Fishing Access site to prevent erosion on the riverbank.

Our local volunteer fire department was re-sided and a new roof added with local funding in 2016. New exterior lights were donated by a local contractor. All of the garage doors have been replaced with local funds and donations. A new fire truck and emergency pickup were purchased with loans. Grants are being written to update the restroom to be ADA compliant. A grant is being written to purchase an “extractor” to clean the turnout equipment from the smoke and chemicals.

The Wedsworth Library completed an addition/remodel primarily with donations and County funds.

The Town has been actively enforcing our nuisance ordinance in order to clean up unsightly properties and vehicles.

The Council and Mayor for the Town of Cascade annually update our American Disabilities Act (ADA) plan and Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) in order to best plan for our projects and funding opportunities. With the money saved by planning and being creative with our limited funding, we have also been able to purchase a new backhoe and Skid Steer for our public works department without taking out loans.

Our Growth Policy is updated every five yearsCascade doesn’t have a Chamber of Commerce, so our Town Hall does what it can to provide assistance to our local businesses. A list of travel sites was provided to each business to add their information. Links to each business (if available) are listed on the Town’s website.

We work closely with Cascade School to save money where possible.

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