We’ve had quite a few questions regarding buying properties to rent as an Air B&B or on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to tourists.

This is considered a BUSINESS and our zoning is very specific as to where businesses can be located, which is on Central Avenue, and on 1st Avenue from 4th Avenue North to 4th Avenue South. (Anything used for that purpose prior to zoning passing was grandfathered in).

Other residential properties along the river and through town are zoned just that…RESIDENTIAL. To use the property otherwise will require a recommendation from the Zoning Committee to the Council, who will make a final decision on property use.


  1. While I respect the fact that zoning is important I find it unreasonable not to be able to rent out a property on or near the river to people who are there to fish. Not only are they there to fish they are spending money in a town that needs it. Especially during these times of unprecedented economic hardship I would think The town would encourage Economic growth from its residents.

    1. The zoning committee made a recommendation, which the Council approved. If you would like to attend a council meeting, they are on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

      1. Take it from an area and neighborhood where airbnb was allowed to “help the local economy.” It didnt. It did assist the particular landlord, but brought waves of unregulated and unanticipated problems to everyone adjacent. It also shut down the hotel industry nearby, stressed sanitation and other services, without providing the stability or tax base needed. Short term occupancy increased the presence of vagrants and petty crime. Think twice

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