Community Needs Response

Community Needs Survey

The Mayor and Council would like to thank those of you that have responded to the survey. If you haven’t turned in a survey, we do use them for budgeting, planning, and grant purposes. If you didn’t receive one, please visit Town Hall. We would like to respond to some of the questions and comments.

“The next US Census should give accurate income information.”  This is based on response. If an income bracket fails to respond, those numbers can’t be added in. PLEASE participate! Our eligibility for some grants is based on this information!

“Improve sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in business areas.” Two years ago, the sidewalks on both sides of Central Avenue were repaired and/or added with grant and local funding. Sidewalks, along with curbs and gutters were also added on the south end of town. More will be done as funding becomes available.

“River Front Access requires improvements.” The North Park fishing access is a great area. The Town has added a trail that connects to Joe’s Trail; a picnic area with a pavilion; a playground; bathroom facility; parking and an area to load/unload boats. This is a fishing access for residents, visitors, and outfitters to enjoy.

“Cascade would be better if it had available lawn care.” The town website has a list of people to do yard work and snow removal. Visit for more information and to see what we are up to!

“…better (and proper) communication makes for a nicer community.” The town makes every effort to keep our residents in the know. We have a FB page, The Town of Cascade, Montana; a website,; utilize the Cascade Courier; and send fliers. We invite you to attend our council meetings, which are on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

“Lack of ways to incorporate new community members in community, activities, and programs are very low. Would consider locating to more welcoming town.” We want all of our residents and visitors to feel welcome in Cascade. Town Hall has a welcome guide and we would love to visit with you for ideas on what we can do better. Our website and the school website have a calendar of events, as well as the Cascade Courier.

“Improve alleys.” Money (which is budgeted each year) and time are both factors in alley improvement. Our public works department does as much as possible to make sure alleys are graded and have gravel.

“Need to know town rules.” The Council is working on updating our ordinances. Some of the more common ordinances are listed on our website, If you would like to know about particular local laws, please visit Town Hall. Our clerks will be happy to help you. We would also like to invite you to attend our monthly council meetings.

“More lighting on side streets.” Light poles are located at every intersection. The town pays for the billing on these.

“No more older mobile homes.” The town ordinance states that no mobile homes will be allowed on residential lots. Any existing trailers are grandfathered in, but if moved, can only be replaced with a modular or stick built home.

There were many comments as to cleaning up nuisance properties. Each year, the Council reviews the list of properties. 1-2 properties are chosen for abatement. The properties are given the opportunity to clean up on their own. If not, a court date is set. Typically, the court then gives the owner time to abate, and if not, the Town schedules a cleanup. This process takes time and the time Mother Nature allows varies.

The town has budgeted for the following projects. Preparation of avenues to be chip sealed in late summer; A fence around the North Park playground; The pool renovation; Updating the basement restroom at Wedsworth Hall; a tree wind break at the water system; Sewer project including main replacement and lining, backup generators for the lift stations, and sludge removal at the lagoons. A water project including three areas of looping and a concrete water tank.

A majority of the surveys have come back wanting economic development, but without suggestions on what you want. We will be putting a poll on our FB page to get more information on this. If you aren’t in the group yet, we’d love to have you!

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