ISO Rating

Every five (5) years, the Insurance Service Office (ISO), inspects the town’s fire suppression delivery system. This is important to communities and fire departments. Communities whose Public Protection Classification (PPC) improves may get lower insurance prices. PPC also provides fire departments with a valuable benchmark, and is used by many departments as a valuable tool when planning, budgeting, and justifying fire protection improvements.

The ISO classification is a direct result of the information gathered in the town, and is dependent on the resource levels devoted to fire protection in existence. ISO is the leading supplier of data and analytics for the property/casualty insurance industry. Most insurers use PPC classifications for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

In 2008, the rating was a 10. The Town of Cascade recently improved their rating from 06/6Y in 2015 to 05/5Y. This is primarily due to the upgrades to the water system infrastructure (water flow and added hydrants, in particular) in the past ten years. This improves the response times from our Volunteer Fire Department.

Many of our homes and buildings are older, and sometimes difficult to insure at a lower cost.   Fire protection class 5 makes getting insurance easier.

The Mayor and Council would like to thank you for your continued support in applying for grants to improve our water and sewer infrastructure, parks, streets, and sidewalks. Together, we can continue improving our community.

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