Wedsworth Hall

Wedsworth Hall is located at 13 Front Street in Cascade Montana.

The Hall is available for rent and can host large parties, such as wedding receptions, fundraisers, or birthday parties.

Deposit to rent the hall is $100 flat rate. This deposit is held until, keys to the hall are returned and evaluated for cleanliness, and then returned or destroyed depending on and charges that may have been incurred during time of rental. 

*All checks for Hall rental or deposits should be made out to Wedsworth Memorial.

Cost of rental per event:

Child Event (12 & under) 3 hours -$20
Child Event (13 and +) 3 hours – $35
Roller Skate Party w/attendant 3 hours – $100
Bathroom Rental – $20
Board Room Rental – $20
Kitchen Only Rental – $50
Hall w/o Kitchen Rental – $50
Full Hall Rental – $100/day
Business Rental – $200/day

For rental reservations or any other questions regarding Wedsworth Hall, please call the Cascade Town Hall at 406-468-2808

Please utilize this link to make the rental payment online, deposits for the rental must be cash or check made to Wedsworth Hall, and brought to Town Hall.

Forms to rent the hall are located at Town Hall or upon email request.