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Questionaire for Members

The Board of Directors would like to receive as much feedback as possible in order to improve the services offered to our members and guests. Please complete as many of the following questions as you wish. If you wish to fill out this questionaire anonymously please print the form, complete only the items you desire to submit, and mail the form to Senior Citizen Center, P.O.Box 261, Cascade, MT 59421. (If you submit this form online, your email address will be identified on the submittal.)

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Survey Questions

1. What impresses you the most about the center?
2. How many meals do you participate in each month? None
Over 9
3. How would you rate the menu? Excellent
Needs Changes
4. What suggestions do you have for entertainment or bus trips?
5. Are you interested in lessons on playing cards?(Check all that apply.) Pinochle
6. Nominations for Board members.
7. Nominations for Senior of the Year.
8. What questions do you have on the center's finances?
9. What suggestions do you have for fund raisers?
10. Do you wish to continue the monthly pot luck dinners on the 4th. Saturday? (There will be no Bingo.) Yes, I would participate on this day.
Yes, but I would prefer this day of the month.
11. Are you interested in resuming monthly membership meetings? Yes, I would attend.
12. What ideas would you suggest to best promote our museum?
13. What suggestions can you offer to improve the annual picnic currently held in June or July?
14. What suggestions can you offer for improvement of the center's building either inside or outside?

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