130 1st Street North
Cascade, MT.
Hand cut meats, fresh produce, and a large variety of canned, frozen and ready to eat food! Chester Chicken! 24-hour fueling!
100 1st Street North
Cascade, MT.

Kitson’s Clothing & Gift is a locally owned shop in Cascade, MT. Shop at Kitson’s for fine fashions, thoughtful gifts and quality home decor. Michelle and Glen Kitson have proudly owned and operated the store since 1989.

Manning Farms, LLC
30 Sunrise Lane
Cascade, MT.

Gale, my husband and I run the small farm. We live outside the small town of Cascade Montana. Cascade sits in a basin surrounded by mountains on three side. From our farm we can see the three mountain ranges plus the high country of Millegan. We raise Boer Goats, Targhee sheep, Nubian cross milking goats from which we make our soaps and cremes. Our soaps and cremes we created out of necessity to protect our skin from the dry climate, wearing leather gloves and just doing regular farm work. We are privileged to share our products with you. They are time and work tested. You can contact us at 30 Sunrise Lane, Cascade, MT 59421, call us at 406-468-5337, Manning Farms LLC facebook page or email us at
2 Central Ave East, Cascade, Mt
The Belgian Chocolatier
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Candies and Confections
Trout Montana Fly Shop
132 1st Street North
Cascade, MT.

Kirk started fly fishing as a kid on the front range of the Colorado Rockies.  He moved to Montana after graduating from Colorado State University.  After a short stint in the Bitterroot valley, he moved to Great Falls.  After 25 years on the Missouri River, it was time to share his experience with the anglers coming to the Missouri.  Happy to do so.

Mike was born and raised in Great Falls.  His family has ranched in the Judith River valley near Utica, Montana since the 1800’s.  Mike’s uncles still run the place.  Mike cut his teeth fishing the Judith on the family ranch, and soon turned his attention to the Missouri.  We can confidently say Mike has a lifetime of experience on the Mo.  You simply will not find a more knowledgeable angler willing to share his experience, advice and a few laughs.

We fish.  A lot.  We love the Bahamas, the Keys, Venezuela, Belize, Alaska, the Green, the Bow, the Deschutes, the Bulkley, Yellowstone, Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin, the Smith
Come to think of it, we have fished a lot of places together.  But, we always come home.  The Missouri is our back yard.  God’s country.  You know what we mean.
Our enthusiasm is not limited to fishing.  We believe in the resource.  Habitat and clean, cold water is where it is at.  We’ve known that for a long time.  That’s why we both have served on the Board of Directors of Montana Trout Unlimited.  We’ve both taken our turns as the chairman of MTU too.  Kirk even served a stint on the Board of national Trout Unlimited.

We’re only the second fly shop in Montana to be a member of 1% for the Planet.  One percent of our gross fly shop sales goes to this fine organization, assuring we leave this place a little better during our short stay.

We use the resource, but we give back too.  We preach it and we live it.

406-468-9330 (Flyshop & Motel) 844-468-3597 (Toll free)