Nate Gatch, Madison Wilson, Mattie McKamey, River Hanson, Jessy Barger

We are excited to announce that our pool is open! This year we have five lifeguards with two of them returning. The pool hours have changed slightly. It is open from 12 to 5, open swim and 5 to 6 is lap swim. We are still closed on Saturday but yes, it can be reserved and rented out for parties on most Saturdays.  

Now to introduce this year’s lifeguards….

River Hanson is returning as the Pool Manager.  His parents are Mark Hanson and Darcie Dempsey Hanson. River just graduated high school and plans to pursue a career in the trades. River has decided to be a lifeguard again this year because he found it fun the previous year he worked and thought it would be fun to do again! River’s favorite pastime includes working and spending time with the boys. 

Mattison McKamey is a new lifeguard this year but is a very experienced swimmer! Growing up, she used to compete on a swim team. Mattison’s parents are Matt and Cindy McKamey. Mattison just graduated high school and plans to attend the Montana Academy of Salons. When asked why she wanted to become a lifeguard Mattison responded with, “I thought it would be a fun way to spend time with friends and a great way to meet more community members!” Mattison’s favorite pastime is being active outdoors and spending time with friends. 

Nate Gatch is a new lifeguard this year. He is an upcoming junior in high school. Nate’s parents are Rhonda and Cody Gatch. Nate decided to become a lifeguard because he thought that it would be a fun way to spend the summer and make a little money at the same time! Getting ready for his junior year, Nate is most excited to begin playing sports again. His favorite sport to play is football!

Jessy Barger is our last new lifeguard this year! Her parents are Jodi and Scott Barger. Jessy just graduated high school and plans to attend college at the Community College of Casper. Aside from getting the great tan, Jessy thought that this would be a fun summer job where she could spend time with friends and get to know the community a little bit better. Jessy’s favorite pastime includes working on the ranch and spending time with friends and family. 

Madison Wilson is a returning lifeguard! Her parents are Chris and Heather Wilson. Madison just graduated high school and plans to go to basic training for the Air National Guard. Upon return from basic training Madison will attend Montana State University. Madison decided to return this year because she had so much fun the previous year working, watching the kids having fun playing and the way that it brought the community together. Madison’s favorite pastimes include being outdoors and camping with friends and family.

A special thank you to Rhonda Gatch at Dam Girl Designs, for making the hoodies pictured!

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