Billing Update

As you may have noticed already or could see in the future, a note on your water bill stating “estimated reading”, here is why. . .

We are reaching the end of the meter head battery life on most of our meters in town which were originally installed in approximately 2001.  As the meter heads are dying we are unable to get good radio reads on usage amounts and are forced to use estimated usage numbers in order to complete billing.  These estimations are based off of previous good readings individualized to each property and are generally very close to actual usage amounts. 

We do our best to get meters and or meter heads changed out as quickly as possible.  Currently, with fluctuating availability to resources we are often limited to how many meters can be worked on in any given week.  We would ask for patience with our field staff and office staff as we are doing what we can to get all meter issues cleared up as quickly as we can. 

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