Snow Removal


For the safety of our residents, please read the snow removal guidelines for the Town of Cascade.

12.13.010 Snow removal responsibility and Times Designated for completion: It shall be the duty of the owners and tenants of any premises within the limits of the Town to keep the sidewalk in front of and adjoining the premises clean and safe for pedestrians. Snow, ice, and similar material that has accumulated during the preceding hours shall be removed from sidewalks in commercial areas before eleven a.m. each day and shall be removed from residential areas within twenty-four hours after the snowfall. Once cleared, all sidewalks shall be kept clear or snow, ice and similar material.12.13.020 Snow and ice removal-Depositing prohibited where: Snow, ice and similar material removed from sidewalks in commercial areas shall not be deposited on the adjoining streets, avenues, or alleys.

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