Community Needs Survey Response

Community Needs Survey

The Mayor and Council would like to thank those of you that have responded to the survey. If you haven’t turned in a survey, we do use them for budgeting, planning, and grant purposes. If you didn’t receive one, please visit Town Hall. We would like to respond to some of the questions and comments.

Just a reminder….“The next US Census should give accurate income information.”  This is based on response. If an income bracket fails to respond, those numbers can’t be added in. PLEASE participate! Our eligibility for some grants is based on this information! If the Town set aside a time at Wedsworth Hall for our residents to come answer the census, would you attend? This would prevent the Census takers from coming to your home numerous times and/or calling.

There were comments about the school. Please refer to the administration at Cascade Schools to get more information about what you would like to know.

The Council recognizes the need for improvement to our playgrounds and recreational areas. These are being addressed as funding is available through grants and in the general fund. Suggestions for recreational opportunities for each age group are welcome.

Many of you have stated you’d like more shopping services and job opportunities. There was a conversation on the Town’s Facebook page in regards to this. A lot of great suggestions were made for those of you considering opening a business in Cascade.

Tree trimming, removal, and replacement are budgeted for each year. Per the Town’s ordinance, “It shall be the adjoining landowners responsibility to plant, remove, maintain and prune trees that are located within street rights-of-way; however, no person shall plant, remove, prune, or cut above the ground, or disturb any tree on any street, park, or other public place without first obtaining permission from the Tree Board.” The Town sprays for noxious weeds each year. Letters are also sent to private owners when noxious weeds are located in their property. This is difficult to control unless everyone does their part to eliminate these.

The town has budgeted for the following projects. Preparation of avenues to be chip sealed in late summer; A fence around the North Park playground; The pool renovation; Updating the basement restroom at Wedsworth Hall; a tree wind break at the water system; Sewer project including main replacement and lining, backup generators for the lift stations, and sludge removal at the lagoons. A water project including three areas of looping and a concrete water tank.

As always, public participation at our council meetings is welcome. The next meeting will be on March 19, 2020, at 6:00 pm.

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