Community Needs Survey Responses

A number of surveys have come back stating there are still too many nuisance vehicles and properties. The Council acknowledges this and in the spring will review the list of properties. Two will be chosen for the abatement process. Letters will be sent to nuisance vehicle owners.

There was a request for more mobile home parks. Per the new zoning ordinance, no new trailer parks will be allowed in city limits.

As funding is available, we will continue to repair and add sidewalks. From this point forward, the Council would like to install curbs and gutters with all new sidewalks. This will mean fewer new sidewalks, due to the cost.

Each year, the public works department has addressed drainage issues as they occur, and will continue to do so.

The American Legion baseball group has done a great job improving the baseball field on 1st Street. There are more plans for improvements as funding is available. A sprinkler system and T-Ball field are the next projects. If you would like to make a donation to the team, please contact Pam Marquis.

Each year, the Town budgets for weed spraying. We ask that every property owner that has noxious weeds have them sprayed to prevent them from spreading to other locations once they go to seed. We will be sending letters to property owners when we schedule for our spraying.

The swimming pool will always need improvements and the Town budgets annually to do what it can. With this year’s fundraiser on February 29th, the proceeds will be added to past years’ funds, other donation, grant funds, and Town investments for a major overhaul. The costs are approximately $100,000.00, so every little bit helps. If you would like to volunteer to help with this fundraiser, contact Erin Wombold or Cheryl Cruze at Stockmens Bank.

Many of the surveys would like to see economic development. On a recent Facebook discussion about this, many would like to see a gym, pet groomer, medical facility, pizza shop, thrift store, salon with manicures, pedicures, and massage, ice cream shop, bakery, small equipment rental, dog park, and hardware store. There was discussion on how to combine some of these to be more feasible. There has also been interest from local businesses to have advertising for the local events at the school and in and around the community.

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