Suspect Door to Door Sales

Suspect Door to Door Sales

Attention All:


I just spoke with a man named Veiko Tamm who spoke very poor and broken English.  Vieko is from Estonia in the EU.  Veiko advised me he and a group of other people will be in Cascade County during the months of June, July and August, going door to door selling educational materials in all the towns and areas in our County.  Reportedly Veiko works for Southwestern Advantage out of Nashville Tennessee.  Southwestern Advantage has a web site but there is no way to verify Veiko and his group are affiliated with it or even if it is a legitimate company.


When Veiko arrives in the US and specifically into Montana and Cascade County, he wanted me to meet with him so that way if our Office gets complaints on him and his crew I would vouch for him and their legitimacy.  I advised Veiko, that even if I met with him, I would be unable and unwilling to vouch for him on whether or not they were legitimate salespersons selling legitimate wares.  I also informed Veiko that he needed to be cautious while going door to door selling items in rural Cascade County as Montanans in general value their privacy and they are distrusting of people who they don’t know and who are from another area and or country who could possibly scam them.


Veiko seemed to be very informed about who I was and what position I held within the Sheriffs Office.  I am sure Veiko and any of his associates will try and “Name Drop” me and any other deputies they have contact with.  If and when you get dispatched to a complaint of this nature I would be suspicious of any information they give you as nothing has been verified as of this time.







Captain Scott Van Dyken

Cascade County Sheriffs Office

3800 Ulm North Frontage Road

Great Falls Montana 59404

Desk 406-454-6833

Cell 406-564-9291


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