St. Peters Mission by Frank LaLiberty

St. Peters Mission by Frank LaLiberty

A Guided Tour with Frank LaLiberty

Journey back through time with Frank LaLiberty and discover the fascinating history of St. Peter’s Mission. There have been many claims throughout history involving the Mission.  An aura of mystery surrounds it.  Frank is one of the most noted local historians knowledgeable about St Peter’s.  Journey with Frank and discover the little known tidbits and truth about the Mission.

Frank is a local area celebrity in his own rights and a retired teacher from Cascade Public School. Among some of the many areas he contributed towards was teaching Science, FFA advisor, shop class teacher, coaching duties, class advisor, and volunteering.  Frank is top notch bicycle enthusiast and was often seen riding to work and can still be seen pedaling around.  He is currently having fun with his grandkids and writing his own book about the history of St Peter’s Mission and Mary Fields.  Hopefully when his book is finished we will be able to obtain a copy and be honored with an author meet and greet.

Frank LaLiberty will guide us through the journey of learning about history of St Peter’s Mission and related legends on Thursday, May 17 at Wedsworth Library at 6:00.  Come hear Frank’s accurate account of the Mission’s purpose, the real history behind the tales of the Mission and Mary Fields, and naturally ‘the rest of the story’.  And Of course there will be treats.

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